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Epidemiology pursues the reduction of disease in human populations through research, education, and service. Epidemiology is a broad scientific discipline that examines the distribution of diseases across populations, ascertains the determinants of those diseases, and develops disease prevention strategies.

At Michigan Public Health, you'll explore causal concepts at molecular, cellular, clinical, and social-environmental levels with integrated biological, social, and analytic approaches. By doing research in the lab, the community, and clinical settings, and by using archives and computer simulations, you'll gain the skills you need to partner with and advise health professionals and agencies at local, state, national, and international levels.

Get to Know Epidemiology

Our faculty, students, and alumni are making an impact -- around the corner, and around the world.

HBHE and Epidemiology students Sandra Giaramahoro Coyne and Jelena Verkler interned at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Traci Carson, PhD student in Epidemiology, shares how her experience as a student athlete informs and inspires her research.

Joel Begay (MPH '18) harnesses his passion and experience to inform better health and well-being for vulnerable populations and amplify the voice of native students on the University of Michigan campus.

Ruth Thomas is a MPH student in the Global Health Epidemiology track, with a keen interest in international health and marginalized communities. She spent her summer in Israel, working on water, sanitation and hygiene issues in the Negev, as well as the West Bank.

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Learn more about the individuals who make up our community, and hear their views on current public health issues.