Biostatistics Faculty Profiles

Department of Biostatistics faculty and researchers have achieved national and international reputations for excellence in their field. Read more about our faculty below, and click on a name to view the full faculty profile.

Department Chair

Bhramar Mukherjee Bhramar Mukherjee, PhD
Statistical Methods in Epidemiology; Analysis of Electronic Health Records and Biobank Data; Shrinkage and Selection Problems; Gene-Environment Interaction; Bayesian Modeling and Inference; Cancer, Reproductive, Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Environmental Health.

Core Faculty

Goncalo Abecasis Goncalo Abecasis, DPhil
Identification of genes involved in complex disease, with a special emphasis on developing analytical methods that help geneticists reap the full benefits of new high-throughput technologies.

Veerabhadran BaladandayuthapaniVeera Baladandayuthapani, PhD 
Methodology: Bayes; big data, health data science, functional data, graphical models, integrative modeling, machine learning, nonlinear/nonparametric models, spatial data, statistical computing. Application areas: Cancer, high-throughput genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, high-resolution neuro- and cancer- imaging, clinical trials, precision medicine

Mousumi Banerjee Mousumi Banerjee, PhD
Machine learning in healthcare, methods for analyzing observational data, prognostic modeling, correlated data, survival analyses, competing risks, health services and outcomes research

Michael Boehnke Michael Boehnke, PhD
Understanding the genetic basis of human health and disease, design and analysis of human gene mapping studies, genome-wide association studies based on array genotyping and whole genome sequencing, and genetics of type 2 diabetes and related traits.

Philip Boonstra Philip S. Boonstra, PhD
Shrinkage estimators, hierarchical models, high-dimensional data analysis, measurement error problems, cancer epidemiology, cancer genetics/genomics, and early-phase oncology clinical trials.

 F. DuBois Bowman F. DuBois Bowman, PhD
Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, schizophrenia, and substance addiction.

Thomas Braun Thomas Braun, PhD
Health disparities in cancer immunotherapy use; treatment discovery for rare diseases; Bayesian adaptive clinical trial design; power prior models for combining datasets; hierarchical & longitudinal data methods; permutation and resampling methods

Walter DempseyWalter Dempsey, PhD
Statistical Methodology: survival and longitudinal analysis; statistical network analysis; causal inference and sequential decision making; experimental design; statistical models for exchangeable stochastic processes; functional data analysis. Application areas: mobile health, digital health , biomedical data 

Michael Elliott Michael R. Elliott, PhD
Design and analysis of sample surveys, causal modeling inference, and latent variable models for longitudinal data with applications to injury epidemiology, reproductive epidemiology, and social determinants of health.

Lars Fritsche Lars Fritsche, PhD
Analyses that combine genetic information obtained from sequencing and genotyping arrays with extensive phenotypic data collected using electronic health records and other population scale approaches.

peisongPeisong Han, PhD
Missing data problems in public health studies and survey sampling, and data integration

Wei HaoWei Hao, PhD

Zhi (Kevin) He Zhi (Kevin) He, PhD
Survival analysis, high-dimensional data analysis, statistical genetics, statistical methods for epidemiology and causal inference, and statistical methods for analyzing large-scale data arising from CKD and ESRD studies.

Nicholas Henderson, PhDNicholas Henderson, PhD
Precision medicine, Empirical Bayes methods, Bayesian nonparametrics, Bayesian machine learning methods, Computational statistics, Survival analysis, Data integration

Hui Jiang Hui Jiang, PhD
Bioinformatics, statistical genomics and computational statistics.

Timothy Johnson Timothy D. Johnson, PhD
Statistical modeling of biomedical data. Bayesian and MCMC methodology with and emphasis on mixture models and variable parameter spaces. Applications in neurology, cancer, radiology and endocrinology.

Jian KangJian Kang, PhD
Statistical Methods for Big data, Bayesian methods, Imaging Statistics (fMRI, PET and DTI), Spatial Statistics, Independent Component Analysis, Composite Likelihood, Graphical Models, Survival Analysis, Longitudinal data analysis, Functional data analysis, Bioinformatics and Statistical Genetics.

Hyun Min Kang Hyun Min Kang, PhD
Genome-wide association mapping with next-generation sequencing data, population stratification in association studies, genetics-driven approach to drug discovery. Statistical and computational method development in genetics.

Kelley Kidwell Kelley M. Kidwell, PhD
Clinical trial design and analysis with applications to chronic, rare and/or mental health diseases and disorders.

Gen LiGen Li, PhD
Microbiome data analysis; tensor array methods; low-rank models; multi-view data integration; high-dimensional data analysis.

 Yi LiYi Li, PhD
High-dimensional data analysis with applications in genetics/genomics, survival analysis, longitudinal and correlated data analysis, measurement error problems, spatial models and clinical trial design.

Roderick Little Roderick J.A. Little, PhD
Statistical analysis with missing data, inference from complex surveys, Bayesian methods, applications of statistics in epidemiology, neurology, cancer, social sciences.

Maria Masotti Maria Masotti, PhD
Bayesian spatial partitioning methods for prostate cancer lesion detection using non-invasive MRI data. Methods for multiplex imaging data.

Jean Morrison, PhDJean Morrison, PhD
Genetic associations with high dimensional phenotypes, mendelian randomization.

Bhramar Mukherjee Bhramar Mukherjee, PhD
Statistical Methods in Epidemiology; Analysis of Electronic Health Records and Biobank Data; Shrinkage and Selection Problems; Gene-Environment Interaction; Bayesian Modeling and Inference; Cancer, Reproductive, Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Environmental Health.

Susan Murray Susan Murray, ScD
Survival analysis, missing data issues, quality of life research, group sequential monitoring of survival endpoints, correlated survival endpoints, pulmonary research.

Trivellore Raghunathan Trivellore Eachambadi Raghunathan, PhD
Statistical analysis of incomplete data, multiple imputation, Bayesian inference, design and analysis of sample surveys, small area estimation, analysis of longitudinal data, confidentiality and disclosure limitation, cardiovascular epidemiology.

John Rice John Rice, PhD
Longitudinal data analysis, recurrent events, and semiparametric regression methods for binary and semicontinuous outcomes data.

Laura Scott Laura Scott, PhD
Integration of mRNA, miRNA, methylation and regulatory element (ATAC-Seq data) data with genetic and phenotypic information, single cell genomics, use of biological data to evaluate and identify disease-causing variants, methods development for experimental data analysis, identification of genetic variants that increase risk of type II diabetes and bipolar disorder/schizophrenia in multiple ancestries, complex diseases study design, evaluation of imputation quality across ancestries.

Xu Shi, PhDXu Shi, PhD
Electronic health records, causal inference, data corruption, record linkage, machine translation, semiparametric efficiency theory, postmarketing safety surveillance, healthcare policy.

Peter Song Peter X.K. Song, PhD
Longitudinal data analysis, high-dimensional statistics, statistical learning, statistical methods in bioinformatics and genetics, and spatiotemporal modeling

Cathie Spino Cathie Spino, Sc.D.
Clinical trials methodology, particularly adaptive designs, and women's and children's health.

Jeremy Taylor Jeremy M G Taylor, PhD
Longitudinal and survival analysis, cure models, missing data, Box-Cox transformations, statistical methods for bioinformatics, surrogate and auxiliary variables, statistical modelling of biomedical data.

Alexander Tsodikov Alexander Tsodikov, PhD
Multivariate semiparametric survival models, applications in cancer.

Lu Wang Lu Wang, PhD
Statistical methods for evaluating dynamic treatment regimes, personalized health care, nonparametric and semiparametric regressions, missing data analysis, and longitudinal (correlated/clustered) data analysis, epidemiology, observational studies, clinical trials.

Xiaoquan Wen Xiaoquan William Wen , PhD
Bayesian and Computational Statistics with applications in genetics and genomics.

zhenkewuZhenke Wu, PhD
Bayesian methods; Causality; Latent variable models; Computational methods that scale to big data; Data-intelligent individualized healthcare; Mobile health; Global health; Diversity; Open-source software; Learning health communities

Wen Ye Wen Ye, PhD
Clinical trials and epidemiological studies, particularly measurement error, informative dropout, missing data, and non-compliance issues

Sebastian Zöllner Sebastian Zöllner, PhD
Population genetics, copy number variation, rare variants, genetics of psychiatric diseases

zawistowski Matthew Zawistowski, PhD
Statistical and Population Genetics, Electronic Health Records, Risk Prediction, Precision Medicine, Statistics Education

Min Zhang Min Zhang, PhD
Semiparametric methods with missing and censored data, causal inference,survival analysis, clinical trials, and longitudinal data analysis

Xiang Zhou Xiang Zhou, PhD
Bayesian methods, mixed effects models, spatial statistics, graphical models, integrative modeling, non-parametric models, statistical computing, machine learning, deep learning, health data science, and analysis of high dimensional genetic and genomic data including genome-wide association studies, methylation studies, single cell RNA sequencing studies, and spatial transcriptomics.

Faculty with Joint Appointments

Andrzej Galecki Andrzej T. Galecki, M.D., PhD
Developing computational methods for analyzing correlated and over dispersed data.

lana GarmireLana Garmire, PhD
Single-cell sequencing and bioinformatics. Integrative omics/clinic data analysis. Translational bioinformatics of cancers and immune-related diseases, such as classifying biomarkers for cancer prognosis and diagnosis. Pregnancy adversities and fetal orgin of cancers, public health genomics.

Brenda Gillespie Brenda Gillespie, PhD
Applied biostatistics, particularly survival analysis, clinical trials, and applications of biostatistics to epidemiology.

Niko Kaciroti, PhDNiko Kaciroti, PhD
Longitudinal data analysis, Bayesian methods, missing-data, clinical trials. Application of statistics in an interdisciplinary setting: medical and social science, developmental data, managing chronic disease, global health.

Rahul Ladhania, PhDRahul Ladhania, PhD
Causal inference and machine learning in public and behavioral health

parkerStephen CJ Parker, PhD
Diabetes genetics, statistical genetics, chromatin, epigenomics, transcriptomics

Snigdha PanigrahiSnigdha Panigrahi, PhD

Arvind Rao PhDArvind Rao, PhD
Transcriptional Genomics, Image Informatics, Heterogeneous Data Integration, Informatics for Combinatorial Drug Screens

Maureen SartorMaureen A. Sartor, PhD
Developing statistical methodology for high throughput genomic and epigenomic experiments and other bioinformatic applications.

Matthew Schipper Matthew J. Schipper, PhD
Early phase oncology trial design, predictive risk modeling and use of biomarkers to individualize and adapt treatment.

Ananda Sen Ananda Sen, PhD
Analysis of recurrent event data in both biomedical and engineering contexts. Competing risks, and accelerated failure time modeling.

Kerby SheddenKerby Shedden, PhD
Statistical modeling in the natural sciences. High dimensional and massive data sets. Statistical computing.

Yajuan SiYajuan Si, PhD
Bayesian statistics, multilevel regression and poststratification, latent variable models, high-dimensional data, categorical data analysis, missing data imputation, complex survey inference, weighting approaches, causal inference and data confidentiality protection, with applications on epidemiogoly and health services research.

Lecturers and Adjunct Faculty

BerrocalVeronica Berrocal, PhD
Development and application of statistical methods for data that exhibit some form of dependence, in particular spatial/spatio-temporal data, and longitudinal data.

Hyungjin Kim Hyungjin Myra Kim, ScD
Evaluation of feasibility, effectiveness, and accuracy of various telemedicine approaches compared with traditional onsite medical care; medical decision analysis; cost-effectiveness analysis.

Shawn LeeShawn Lee, PhD
Developing statistical and computational methods for the analysis of the large-scale high-dimensional genomic data.

Bin Nan Bin Nan, PhD
Semiparametric regression models, survival analysis, high-dimensional data analysis, cohort studies, clinical trials.

Brisa SanchezBrisa Sanchez, PhD
Statistical methodology applicable to environmental epidemiology, and social epidemiology, and health disparities.

Doug SchaubelDouglas E. Schaubel, PhD
Causal inference; temporal process regression; survival analysis; health services research; recurrent/terminal events.

Lili Zhao Lili Zhao, PhD
Bayesian Modeling and Inference, Survival Analysis, Analysis of Electronic Health Records Data, Clinical Trials, Analysis for Large Contingency Table, Deep Neural Network, Cancer, Vaccine Safety, Immunotherapy Safety

Emeritus Faculty

Morton Brown Morton B. Brown, PhD
Clinical trials, categorical data analysis, statistical computing, robust methods and model fitting.

Jack Kalbfleisch Jack D. Kalbfleisch, PhD
Development of statistical methods and theory, survival and event history analysis, design and analysis of clinical trials, mixture models, stochastic modeling, applications in renal disease and organ transplantation.

James Lepkowski James M. Lepkowski, PhD
Survey methodology, particularly sampling design and estimation, telephone sample design, handling unit and item nonresponse, variance estimation, analysis of complex sample survey data, and respondent-interviewer interaction in the survey process.