Faculty Profile

Hsing-Fang  Hsieh, PhD

Hsing-Fang Hsieh, PhD

  • Research Scientist, Health Behavior & Health Education
  • 3726 SPH I
  • 1415 Washington Heights
  • Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029

Dr. Hsieh is currently a research investigator in the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education. Since 2013 she has also served as the project director for the Flint Adolescent Study in the Prevention Research Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Previously, she worked in the University of Michigan Center for Health Communications Research to assist multiple research projects focusing on health behavior change and cancer prevention.

She received her MPH and PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Her doctoral research has mainly focused on applying a resiliency perspective in examining risk and promotive factors for substance use and delinquent behaviors among adolescents. Through three years of teaching during her doctoral study, Dr. Hsieh has accumulated extensive knowledge of psychosocial factors and theories of health-related behavior. She also teaches independent studies with graduate students who are interested in the topics of substance use/misuse, health disparities, and adolescent resiliency.

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Prevention Research Center, University of Michigan, 2013-2016
  • PhD, Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan, 2013
  • MPH, Health Behavior and Health Education, University of Michigan, 2006
  • B.S., Public Health, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2002

Dr. Hsieh's research interests include adolescent resiliency and health disparities, with a focus on substance use and other health behaviors related to cancer and cancer prevention. Her research on health and resiliency of adolescents covers topics of adolescent substance use, violence, violence victimization, prevention research, and social-ecological factors on adolescent health. She is also interested in the longitudinal and cross-domain relations of individual and social ecological factors of risk behaviors in adolescence to adulthood.

Dr. Hsieh has collaborated with other researchers to utilize a theory-based framework to address the health disparities of cancer screening and cancer prevention among Asian Americans. Her work focused on applying psychosocial factors and theories, such as the Transtheoretical Model and Theory of Planned Behavior, to understand the perceptions and barriers toward specific cancer screenings and other health behaviors among Asian-American women.

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