Faculty Profile

Darleen  Sandoval, PhD

Darleen Sandoval, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Surgery

  • Adjunct Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Darleen Sandoval is Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. Dr. Sandoval received her PhD in Exercise Science at Arizona State University and received a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Division of Endocrinology at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Sandoval's research surrounds two general themes both focused on the role of the gut-brain axis in metabolism. The first focuses on the role of a gastrointestinal peptide, GLP-1, in regulation of energy and glucose homeostasis. The second focuses on the adaptations of the gut-brain axis with bariatric surgery and how this contributes to the profound weight-loss and improvements in glucose and lipid homeostasis seen with these surgeries. Both research themes use a combination of molecular and physiological techniques with the goal of generating better therapeutic options for obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

  • B.S., Exercise Science, University of New Mexico, 1993
  • M.S., Exercise Science, Central Washington University, 1996
  • PhD, Exercise Science, Arizona State University, 2000

  1. The neurophysiology of GLP-1
  2. The role of the gut-brain axis in the metabolic benefits of bariatric surgery
  3. Metabolic adaptation to bariatric surgery

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  • Endocrine Society

  • American Diabetes Association