Faculty Profile

Wen  Ye, PhD

Wen Ye, PhD

  • Research Scientist of Biostatistics
  • Assistant Director of SABER
  • Associate Director of Method and Measurement Core, MCDTR
  • M2515 SPH II
  • 1415 Washington Heights
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029

Wen Ye is a Research Associate Scientist in the Department of Biostatistics. Wen joined the University of Michigan after she earned her doctoral degree in Biostatistics at the University of Michigan in 2006. Her research focuses on disease modeling using longitudinal analysis, survival data analysis, joint modeling, and microsimulation models. 

BIOS 581: Biostatistical Modeling in Clinical Research 

BIOS 513: Application of Regression Analysis to Public Health Studies

  • PhD, Biostatistics, University of Michigan, 2006
  • MS, Pharmacology, University of Toledo, 1999
  • BS, Physiology and Biophysics, Peking University, 1997



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  • Simon C Ling, Wen Ye, Daniel H Leung, Alexander Weymann, Wikrom Karnsakul, Alvin J Freeman, John C Magee, Michael R Narkewicz (2017) Baseline liver echotexture in children with cystic fibrosis predicts changes over time in non-invasive biomarkers of fibrosis and portal hypertension Hepatology 66:77A-78A.
  • Binita M Kamath, Wen Ye, Nathan P Goodrich, Kathleen M Loomes, Rene Romero, James E Heubi, Daniel H Leung, Nancy B Spinner, David A Piccoli, Saul J Karpen, Jean P Molleston, Karen F Murray, Philip Rosenthal, Jeffrey Teckman, Kasper S Wang, Averell H Sherker, John C Magee (2017) Characteristics and outcomes of pediatric cholestasis in alagille syndrome in the modern era: results of a multi-centre prospective observational study Hepatology 66: 60A.
  • Daniel H Leung, Lisa G Sorensen, Wen Ye, Kieran Hawthorne, Binita M Kamath, Vicky L Ng, Kathleen M Loomes, Emily M Fredericks, Ronald J Sokol, James E Squires, Saul J Karpen, Jean P Molleston, James E Heubi, Karen F Murray, Kasper S Wang, Philip Rosenthal, Jeffrey Teckman, Averell H Sherker, John C Magee (2017). Neurocognitive status in Alagille Syndrome: Results of a Multi-Center Prospective Observational Study Hepatology 66:647A-648A.