Anna Siu

Empowering Better Health through Empathy

Anna Siu, MPH ’14

Registered dietician Anna Siu believes the most successful patient outcomes are based in understanding each patient as a real person. She's now bringing that empathetic philosophy to a unique program aimed at defeating type 2 diabetes.

Caroline Mandel and her students

Alum and Dietitian Team Aiding Wolverines While Separated from Athletic Teams

Caroline Mandel, MS ’96

Public health alum Caroline Mandel is director of performance nutrition for the University of Michigan athletic department. Since March 12, when all collegiate competition and practice ceased, she and her staff face a new challenge—keeping student-athletes healthy and well at home during a pandemic.

Kendrin Sonneville

A Clinician's Experience, An Advocate's Perspective: Charting a Weight Inclusive Approach to Health

Kendrin Sonneville

Informed by clinical experience and the perspectives of the advocacy community, Kendrin Sonneville brings rigorous science to the pursuit of more weight inclusive approaches to health. Her work asks how we can promote health in a way that’s independent of body size, and promote health and nutrition without increasing weight bias, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating.

Brianna Dumas

Learning to Cook, Learning to Belong

Brianna Dumas

Economic, environmental, and social stresses disconnect us from the food we eat. Brianna Dumas works to reconnect us using a grassroots approach—good food for our community, grown by our community, supporting our community.