File Transfer

File Transfer with Globus

Globus is a reliable high performance parallel file transfer service provided by many HPC sites around the world. It enables easy transfer of files from one system to another, as long as they are Globus endpoints.

  • The Globus endpoint for the biostatistics cluster is "umich#biostat".
  • Visit ARC-TS for more information.


Globus Online is a web front end to the Globus transfer service. Globus Online accounts are free and you can create an account with your University identity.

  • Set up your Globus account and learn how to transfer files using the Globus documentation. Select "University of Michigan" from the dropdown box to get started.
  • Once you are ready to transfer files, enter "umich#biostat" as one of your endpoints.


Globus Online also allows for simple installation of a Globus endpoint for Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and laptops.

  • Follow the Globus instructions to download the Globus Connect Personal installer and set up an endpoint on your desktop or laptop.

Batch File Copies

A non-standard use of Globus Online is that you can use it to copy files form one location to another on the same cluster. To do this use the same endpoint (umich#flux as an example) for both the sending and receiving machines. Setup the transfer and Globus will make sure the rest happens. The service will email you when the copy is finished.


File Transfer with CyberDuck

The server you can use to get files onto your home directory on the biostatistics cluster is

1) Open Cyberduck and click the Open connection button.

2) Set the "Server:" to: be

3) Set your Username: to be your uniqname.

4) Enter your Kerberos password.


5) Click connect.

6) Drag and drop files between the two systems. Click the Disconnect button when completed.


File Transfer with SCP

$ scp localfile (copy a file)


$ scp -r localdir (copy an entire directory)


Content adapted from ARC-TS