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A person using a laptop.


How a COVID-19 App Built at U-M Is Helping Businesses Stay Open

A COVID-19 symptom checklist web app developed at the University of Michigan is helping more than 2,500 employers, including small businesses, in Michigan meet state requirements to screen employees before they enter the workplace each day. Read more

A man sits on a bench with a mask on.

Loneliness Doubled Among Older Adults in Early Months of COVID-19, Poll Shows

New research from John Piette

In June of this year, 56% of people over age 50 said they sometimes or often felt isolated from others—more than double the 27% who felt that way in a similar poll in 2018. Nearly half of those polled in June of this year also said they felt more isolated than they had just before the pandemic arrived in the United States and a third said they felt they had less companionship than before. Read more

A person, who is presumed homeless, sits on the corner of a street.

Trans Young Adults Risk Homelessness, Racism When Migrating in Search of Gender Affirmation, Safety

New research from Kristi Gamarel

Young transgender adults often relocate to cities like San Francisco where they feel safer and have access to adequate health care, but the migration might place them at risk of homelessness, unemployment and racism, say University of Michigan researchers. Read more

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Testing the Deceased Could Provide Additional Surveillance Methods During Pandemic, Study Shows

New research from Andrew Brouwer

Testing for the coronavirus on those who have died could supplement other forms of surveillance and serve as a possible early outbreak warning sign, say University of Michigan researchers. Read more