People running on a track.

Disordered Eating in Female Athletes Fueled by Body Image Ideals, Coach-Athlete Power Dynamic

New Research from Traci Carson, PhD '21

A new study shows that body-image ideals and the power dynamic between coach and female athletes may contribute to an athlete’s risk of disordered eating and body image disturbance. The research of current and former female NCAA Division I female distance runners highlights the importance of prevention and intervention programs to migitage eating and body image disorders. Read more

Health Services Research and Policy students

Generational Impact: Fifty Years of the PhD Program in Health Services Research and Policy

The long and illustrious careers of alums from Michigan’s program in Health Services Research and Policy demonstrate the impact of professionals trained in both practice and academia—a testament to the educational value of the program for students and the broad influence the program has had on health care management and policy in the US and beyond. Read more

elderly person in care of medical staff

Statewide Dementia Coalition Co-Chaired By Scott Roberts Issues New Roadmap to Make Michigan 'Dementia Capable'

Scott Roberts, professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, has been appointed co-chair of the Michigan Dementia Coalition (MDC). The MDC is a statewide group of >120 individuals from approximately 65 organizations that works to identify opportunities to improve quality of life for Michigan residents with dementia and their families. Read more

Riana Anderson

New Faculty Spotlight: Riana Anderson

We are excited to welcome Riana Anderson as a new assistant professor in Health Behavior and Health Education. We recently interviewed her to learn more about her work and what brought her to the School of Public Health. Read more