A young person reaches into a drawer for a firearm.

Stateside Podcast: When the Shooter Is a Child

Marc Zimmerman featured on Stateside Podcast

On this podcast, professor Marc Zimmerman discusses youth violence and how the COVID-19 pandemic could have exacerbated an uptick in school violence.

An image of a vacant lot where a house once stood.

$2.2M Grant To Fund Research on Link Between Vacant Lot Reuse, Firearms Violence Reduction

New research from Justin Heinze

University of Michigan researchers received a $2.2 million grant to assess the effect of community-driven, vacant lot remediation and reclamation efforts on reductions in firearm-related injury and mortality. Led by Justin Heinze, assistant professor of Health Behavior & Health Education, the project builds on more than a decade of U-M research in Michigan exploring the effects of vacant lot reuse on youth violence.