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crowd of people in India

India's Coronavirus Puzzle: Why Case Numbers Are Plummeting

Bhramar Mukherjee quoted in the Washington Post

Epidemiologists in India say that there is only one likely explanation for the decrease in new cases: The virus is finding it harder to spread because a significant proportion of the population, at least in cities, already has been infected. The decline is not related to a lack of opportunities for transmission. Read more

coronavirus testing site

How Coronavirus Variants May Drive Reinfection and Shape Vaccination Efforts

Q&A with Aubree Gordon

Vaccine rollout in the United States has been undeniably slow. And while we wait, worrisome new coronavirus variants are emerging, heightening the urgency to control the pandemic. Some variants, including ones first identified in Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom, have mutations that help the coronavirus evade parts of the immune system, raising the specter that some people might face a second round of COVID-19. Read more

people eating at a restaurant

States Lift Restrictions Gradually Amid Fears of New Variant

Arnold Monto quoted by ABC News

Several states are loosening their coronavirus restrictions on restaurants and other businesses because of improved infection and hospitalization numbers but are moving cautiously, in part because of the more contagious variant taking hold. Read more

people at an outside market in the winter

The Coronavirus in Winter May Be Worse Than Scientists Thought

Joe Eisenberg quoted in Quartz

This winter, Covid-19 is turning out to be even more dangerous than epidemiologists and public health officials had feared—and not just because of the more contagious variants now making their way around the globe. Read more