Global Public Health

The Thomas Francis Jr. Medal sits on a wood desk.

U-M seeks nominations for prestigious global public health medal, names selection committee

The University of Michigan is seeking nominations for the Thomas Francis Jr. Medal in Global Public Health, one of the highest recognitions granted by the university. The medal, named after the renowned U-M physician, virologist and infectious disease researcher, recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of global public health through major scientific discovery or through the development and leadership of effective public health policy or action.

Urban farming field in Yangon.

Study of pathogens in the environment in Myanmar offers clues to the spread of disease

New research from Michigan Public Health

Scientists have extensively studied water and sanitation interventions to decrease the transmission of pathogens and disease prevention. But a new University of Michigan study suggests a broader approach that includes looking at the environmental transmission of pathogens both in soil and water to help improve our understanding of the spread of these pathogens and better inform strategies to mitigate it.