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IN THE NEWS: EPA's Science Advisory Board to Scrutinize Clean Car Rollback

Trish Komen Quoted in Scientific American

An independent panel of experts is poised to scrutinize one of the Trump administration’s most consequential environmental rollbacks. Critics of the Trump EPA say the review stands to highlight errors in that analysis that could inform future lawsuits against the administration. Read more

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IN THE NEWS: Plastic Is Probably Harming Your Health--Here's How

John Meeker Quoted in Salon

Plastic is commonly used in a multitude of items due to its convenience and cost. As a result, many people don’t often evaluate the potential health risk that it presents. In a statement published earlier this year by the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks, 14 emerging health and environmental issues were identified. Near the top of that list was plastic. Read more

PFAS contamination through cookware

IN THE NEWS: Sung Kyun Park Talks PFAS, Disparate Impacts on Different Populations

According to new research, the chemical pollutant PFAS — or polyfluorolalkyl substances — can cause different kinds of chemical mutations depending on a person's race. PFAS have been used for decades in industrial and consumer products, such as cookware, grease-proof food packaging, and fire-retardant materials. Read more