A patient's arm.

New Study Links Cadmium to More Severe Flu, Pneumonia Infections

New research from Sung Kyun Park

High levels of cadmium, a chemical found in cigarettes and in contaminated vegetables, are associated with higher death rates in patients with influenza or pneumonia—and may increase the severity of COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses, according to a new study.

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Flu and COVID-19: Expanding Access for Flu Shots at Pharmacies

Arnold Monto featured in the Washington Post

US health officials moved to expand access to flu shots and to tighten vaccination requirements for students, with the nation facing the prospect of flu season arriving amid the coronavirus pandemic and creating an unprecedented threat to health.

Someone receiving a COVID-19 test in a car.

Coronavirus Testing, Immunity: What We Know

Q&A with Emily Toth Martin

Emily Toth Martin, associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, breaks down the basics of coronavirus testing and what the current data show are the potential next steps for the United States as we head toward fall and flu season.

Scientist working in a laboratory with gloves.

Coronavirus: The Long Path to a Vaccine

Q&A with Emily Martin

The essential question surrounding coronavirus is, how do we stop it? Right now, there is still no known medication to prevent or treat it. Emily Martin explains what it takes to create a vaccine and how long it will take to make a coronavirus vaccine available to the public.

Graphic of coronavirus

3 Things to Know about Managing the Spread of Coronavirus

Interview with Joseph Eisenberg

As people across the US and around the world adjust to living in isolation, working remotely, and limiting in-person outings, Joseph Eisenberg explains why it’s important to take the spread of coronavirus seriously in this unprecedented situation.