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Health Impacts of Chemicals in Consumer Products

Learners in this course will focus on assessing health impacts of chemicals in products and of fine particulate emitted along the product life cycle.

Develop the assessment framework to assess exposure and health impacts of chemicals in products and learn to assess the human health impacts of chemicals in products using the USEtox model (UN-Environment toxicity model). You'll explore the existing regulations about chemicals in products contrasting US and Europe.

Learners will get to examine the risks and impacts of chemicals of concern found in home maintenance, personal care products, and even children's toys, as well as, determine exposure to and effect of fine particulates on human health along the product and chemical supply chain and life cycle. 

In addition to introducing you to a Life Cycle-based approach to Chemical Alternatives Assessment (CAA), your instructor will provide cutting-edge progress on the overall exposome and compare the health impacts of multiple environmental exposures on health.

Type of Course: MOOC

Instructor(s): Olivier Jolliet

Platform: Coursera

Duration: 3 weeks

Series: Healthy and Sustainable Foods and Products

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