Ph.D. Student Profile

Holly  Hartman, M.S.

Holly Hartman, M.S.

  • Doctoral Candidate
  • Cognate: Biostatistics


  • BS, University of Puget Sound, Mathematics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (2011)
  • MS, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Biostatistics (2016)

Research Interests & Projects

Research interests: clinical trial design, survival analysis, predictive risk modeling, health inequities, applications in oncology. 

My research has been primarily focused on clinical trial design and evaluating trials with a focus on oncology. I have developed a new trial design which is an extension of a small sample, sequential, multiple assignment, randomized trial (snSMART) that does not require any binary decision making variables. This design is more statistically efficient and ideal for rare diseases. 

I have also developed a webapp (OncCOVID: which provides personalized survival estimates for cancer patients during the pandemic to help guide the timing of their cancer care.

In my collaborative work, I have been involved in projects looking at racial disparities in prostate cancer. I have been involved with diversity, equity, and inclusion in both my research and my service and aim to continue to incorporate these ideas into my work. 

Selected Publications

*Jackson, W. C., *Hartman, H. E., Dess, R. T., Birer, S. R., Soni, P. D., Hearn, J. W., Reicherrt, Z. R., Kishan, A. U., Mahal, B. A., Zumsteg, Z. S., Efstathiou, J. A., Kaffenberger, S., Morgan, T. M., Mehra, R., Showalter, T. N., Krauss, D. A., Nguyen, P. L., Schipper, M. J., Feng, F. Y., Sandler, H. M., Hoskin, P. J., Roach, M., and Spratt, D. E., “Addition of androgendeprivation therapy or brachytherapy boost to external beam radiotherapy for men with localized prostate cancer: A network meta-analysis of randomized trials”, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Apr. 2020, Epub ahead of print. DOI: 10.1200/JCO.19.03217

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* indicates first authors contributed equally.