Biostatistics develops and applies statistical designs and analysis methods for biomedical research to turn data into knowledge. With the emergence of big data, biostatistics expertise is in even greater demand than before.

Michigan Biostatistics graduate program is one of the best in the world. At Michigan Biostatistics, you will receive superb biostatistics education and training. We are ranked as the number one graduate program in the US by the National Research Council. You will learn how to develop statistical designs and computational tools for analysis of large scale complex data in medical and health sciences using Bayesian, frequentist, and other algorithmic approaches. You will learn how to apply statistical methods to discover important scientific findings in fields such as cancer biology, clinical trials, computational biology, electronic health records research, epidemiology, neuroimaging, genetics and survey research.

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A Welcome from our Chair

Bhramar Mukherjee PHDNow is an exciting time to be a Biostatistician at the University of Michigan! We bring biostatistical design and analysis expertise to a wide spectrum of health-related research. Our faculty, students, and staff work in important and diverse areas of current biostatistical research; including image analysis, survival and event history analysis, statistical genetics, genomics and bioinformatics, clinical trials, Bayesian methods, statistical computing, longitudinal data analysis, methods for missing data, survey research, electronic health records, casual inference, machine learning, mobile health, and high dimensional inference. Our graduates have great job opportunities in academia, government, industry, and various other research institutions. We proudly hail our flagship biostatistics graduate program ranked number one in the country by the National Academies.  We recently launched a health data science sub-plan within our Master of Science in Biostatistics.

The Department currently has 43 faculty, 201 students in our MS and PhD degree programs and 22 students in our Executive Masters (OJ/OC) program. We have 129 administrative and research staff to support our research and teaching needs. Our research expenditures were roughly $50M last year. I encourage you to view the pages of our website to learn more about our program, we are proud of all that we have accomplished together.


Bhramar Mukherjee
Chair of Biostatistics

Get to Know Biostatistics

Our faculty, students, and alumni are making an impact -- around the corner, and around the world.

Mousumi Banerjee

"Far beyond probability puzzles, the fun of statistics is how data can speak through thoughtful, rigorous analyses applied to real-life problems."

Meet Mousumi Banerjee, Research Professor of Biostatistics

"I wanted to pursue a course of study that would combine my technical skills with my hospitality training, my love of statistics with my passion for service, and my childhood upbringing with my future endeavors."

Meet Stephen Salerno, current PhD student

"I love this university, and what it stands for is deeply meaningful to me. The idea of the uncommon education for the common man totally resonates with me."

Meet Michael Boehnke, Richard G. Cornell Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics

"I know the skills I've developed in the Master of Science program here at Michigan Public Health will strengthen whatever sustainability-related work I do in the future."

Meet Candice Ammori, Biostatistics graduate

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