Clinical Trial

Clinical TrialsClinical trial research involves the study of novel therapies in patients with the goal of identifying the best possible treatment. Our faculty are deeply involved in the design, conduct, and analysis of single and multi-center clinical trials in cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hepatitis, and pulmonary fibrosis as well as trials in sleep disorders, women's and neonatal health and in the treatment of drug abuse. Our proximity to the excellent U-M Medical School and Comprehensive Cancer Center enables high-quality learning experiences for graduate students interested in clinical research. Our faculty and students are developing statistical methodologies that identify promising therapies more quickly and less expensively. Other research interests include: reducing or eliminating bias due to informative censoring, gaining information from auxiliary variables, incorporating information about quality of life, group sequential monitoring of trials in non-standard situations, flexibly accounting for measurement error in assessing treatment effects, validating use of surrogate endpoints, conducting crossover trials subject to censoring and determining the maximum tolerated dose while considering both toxicity and efficacy outcomes.

Faculty: P. Bonstra, T. Braun, M. Elliott, N. Henderson, N. KacirotiK. Kidwell, R. Ladhania, R. Little, C. Spino, J. Taylor, Z. Wu, L. ZhaoM. Zhang

Links: U-M Medical Center, Rogel Cancer Center, U-M Center for the Advancement of Clinical Research, Kidney Epidemiology & Cost Center, SABER (Statistical Analysis of Biomedical and Educational Research), MCDTR Methods and Measurement Core