CancerMany Biostatistics faculty and students are actively involved in a broad spectrum of cancer research projects and in developing statistical methodology motivated by cancer research. The department has close links with the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center. Professor Jeremy Taylor is director of the Cancer Center Biostatistics Unit and oversees many of these research activities. Examples of specific projects include the analysis of gene expression microarray data to profile lung, ovarian, and prostate cancer; design and analysis of clinical trials to test new therapeutic agents; analysis of epidemiologic data from a population based study of African American men, analysis of animal and human brain magnetic resonance imaging data to obtain early indications of the response to chemotherapy, and analysis of biomarkers for the early detection of cancer. Statistical methodology development is an integral part of these projects, examples of this are the development of methods for the analysis of microarray data, developing methods to combine biomarkers, developing more efficient designs for phase 1 clinical trials, developing methods for evaluating surrogate endpoints, missing data problems, and developing joint models for longitudinal and survival data.

Faculty: V. Baladandayuthapani, M. Banerjee, P. Boonstra, T. Braun L. Fritsche, N. Henderson, H. Jiang, K. Kidwell, Y. Li, B. MukherjeeM. Sartor, M. Schipper, A. SenJ. Taylor, A. Tsodikov, L. Wang Z. Wu, L. ZhaoX. Zhou

Links: Rogel Cancer Center, U-M Biostatistical Training in Cancer Research, Kidney Epidemiology & Cost Center