Epidemiology and Public Health

Epidemiology and Public HealthFaculty and students are actively involved in a broad spectrum of methodological and collaborative research in Epidemiology, Health Behavior and Health Education, Environmental Health, and Health Policy and Management. Collaborative projects with Epidemiology faculty include gene microarray data from epidemiological studies, studies of social inequality and psychosocial/economic factors in disease prevention, a national longitudinal study of women health (SWAN), a cohort study of coronary artery calcification, and studies of reproduction. Collaborative projects include studies of the effects of air-pollution and interventions on children with asthma, school-based intervention studies on children with asthma, intervention studies on women with heart disease, longitudinal studies on school dropout and substance abuse, a national drug abuse treatment survey, and national cost analysis of end-stage renal disease. Many results of our methodological research have direct application to public health problems that involve case-control and two-stage sampling, survival analysis, disease mapping, group randomization trials, and spatial analysis.

Faculty:  V. Baladandayuthapani, M. Banerjee, P. Boonstra, T. Braun, M. ElliottP. Han, G. Li, N. Henderson, B. Mukherjee, P. Song, J. Taylor, A. Tsodikov, L. WangZ. Wu, W. Ye, M. Zhang, X. Zhou 

Links: Kidney Epidemiology & Cost Center