a child works on development puzzles

Public Health Concerns for Caregivers of Children with ASD

Lydia Essenmacher, MPH '20

Raising a child is an incredibly demanding task. The task of raising a child becomes more difficult when your child has a developmental disability, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The field of public health can use its knowledge of health theory to inform policies that decrease the burden for families of children with ASD and increase access to services for these families to utilize.

pills, money, and stethoscope

The Workplace Costs of Not Taking Your Medication

Peter Geppert and Ryan Zayance

Many chronic clinical conditions have elaborate and costly treatment protocols, including prescriptions for medications. What are the costs to employees and employers when treatment plans are not followed?

Kashvi Gupta outside the Gift of Life Michigan offices.

Organ Donation: Hesitations and Encouragements

Kashvi Gupta

Most Americans support organ donation, but only about half are registered as donors. Empirical data can help us understand our hesitations, but for many of us, becoming a donor is also an emotional decision.

Norman Shumway and cardiologist Donald C. Harrison speak to the media after the historic 1968 transplant surgery (Getty Images).

Organ Donation: Public Awareness and Popular Media

Kashvi Gupta

As transplant surgeries become ever more successful and more socially accepted, demand for transplants goes up. But popular media do not always reflect the organ donation 
process accurately.