René Pitter, MPH '09, finishes the Race against Hate

Movements toward Health and Each Other

Renée Pitter, MPH ’09

An effort to spread health positivity among Black Michigan alums became a huge success. In the face of so many stories about health inequities and trauma in Black communities, a growing group of Black alums is moving their way to connection, awareness, health, and healing.

healthy food choices

Don't Fixate on Fifteen: Healthy Lifestyle Choices for College Freshmen

Ngan Nguyen

Between classes, studying, interacting with peers, engaging in student organizations, sleeping, and many other activities, it can be difficult for college students to make healthy eating choices and lead a balanced life. Focusing more on habits than on weight can help create a healthier lifestyle.

Students practice taking blood pressure on the campus lawn, May 1958. © Regents of the University of Michigan.

Treating Hypertension: A Public Health Success Story

Edward J. Roccella

One of the most successful public health programs in the past century provides an example of what can be accomplished when the government, the private sector, academia, and community organizations work together.

Weight Loss

The Juxtaposition of Weight Stigma and Obesity

Anna Jones

Reflecting on her own experiences with weight stigma and obesity, Michigan Public Health alumna Anna Jones explores the detrimental effect stigmas have on health and well-being, and the approach she envisions for better care and treatment options.