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Brexit Puts UK Health Care at Risk

New Report from Holly Jarman and Scott Greer

The future for the health sector in the United Kingdom is perilously uncertain, according to a report led by Holly Jarman and Scott Greer, professors of Health Management and Policy at Michigan Public Health.

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Future of UK's Health Care System Uncertain as Brexit Moves Forward Amid COVID-19

Q&A with Holly Jarman and Scott Greer

While COVID-19 has been garnering the attention of leaders around the world, the transition period for Brexit ends Dec. 31, 2020. A group of researchers, including Holly Jarman and Scott Greer from University of Michigan's School of Public Health recently analyzed the negotiating position in assessing the potential impact on health of the United Kingdom's future relationship agreement with the European Union.


No-Deal Brexit Will Have Serious Negative Health Effects

New Research from Holly Jarman

A no-deal Brexit would make it harder for the United Kingdom to recruit health workers into their system, will jeopardize continuing care for British citizens with pre-existing conditions living outside the U.K., and could even lead to an increase in cardiovascular disease-related deaths, say researchers.