Abandoned Home

Blight-Busting Demolitions Reduced Gun Injuries, Deaths in Detroit Neighborhoods

New Research from Marc Zimmerman

For the past half-decade, Detroit’s government and community groups have worked to tear down abandoned houses and buildings in the city’s most blight-stricken neighborhoods. A new University of Michigan and Harvard University study shows an 11% drop in homicides and serious injuries caused by firearms in the areas where more than a few demolitions took place Read more

youth reaching into drawer for gun

Michigan Minds Podcast: A New Approach to Improving Firearms Safety

Rebecca Cunningham and Marc Zimmerman Interviewed by Michigan Minds

Auto accidents and firearms are the leading causes of death for children and adolescents in the United States. But while the auto accidents number has largely trended down, the same cannot be said for firearms deaths. Researchers Rebecca Cunningham and Marc Zimmerman talk about a new effort that takes an injury prevention approach to decreasing firearms deaths among youth. Read more

Empty classroom

School Homicides Have Become More Common and More Deadly, CDC Data Show

Rebecca Cunningham Quoted in the L.A. Times

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what too many students across the country already know: The incidence of mass homicides on school campuses has risen steeply in recent years, as has their toll. Read more